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Folks, I have never met this man.  It is very possible I may never until we get to the promised land.

Most of you already know him.  Most better than me.  His name is Gene Anderson and he suffers from Bipolar Disorder.

The disease gets a lot more attention now an that is good.  But is still very painful for the one suffering from the illness and those around him.  The severe mood swings when not treated properly make it very difficult to be around the person or even be that person.  One of the biggest problems is the vast majority of common medications for the illness are just plain ” boring” to the sufferer.  It seems to , at least in the short term , take away the passion.  That gut passion to do the things in which they excel.

This person just happens to excel as a homeless advocate, a Pastor, and an all around good person.  He is a great person in need.  One of the reasons I am here with you, the Outlaw Preachers.

Please take the time to pay attention.  Drop a line.  Say a prayer.  Make a call.  Thank him for what he does and pray his meds level out.  Or just have a conversation.  This request is not from him.  It is out of my own selfish want for him to be around and be the Gene I know.  Because he inspires me as a true servant of God.

Does the sound happy to you?  Seriously?