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It all starts here.

This is how the Tea Party celebrates American manhood! ( as stated by JesusNeedsNewPR )

RT @JesusNeedsNewPR: ths is hw th T Party celebrates American manhood! ths is hw u mk fn of peeps trying 2 do gd. Nce 1 hour ago

@Selaniest Jeff. You should unfollow me now if that post offends you or you’re taking it personal.

@JesusNeedsNewPR Nope, it’s me calling you out for crapping on other christians.

This is the short story of how I, the mere little @selenist  a person to the point of being ( I believe ) BLOCKED

Ok Some my buddy up there wanted to make a crack about some rather eccentric fellows.  “Goofy little production, ”  I say to myself.  Until I look further… Just a couple clicks and I find this!

Ok so I don’t have over 39,000 followers and probably never will.  And I bet the world will end in May before I ever have a book (  Hey!  There’s a chance! ) But, is this kind of cutesy ridicule how we treat our Christian brothers?  And if you are an author, would you not take that extra 10 seconds to say ” Oh snap!  these guys are spreading the word! ”

Here’s what you get.  Dismissed and ignored.  So I ask you, is this how we should be?  I think not.  As a matter of fact, I think far from it.

And let me say, I want no blog war.  I will surely lose.  But my thoughts.

Tornado Relief: Donations & Resources |

Some of the worst tornado storm damage in history killing close to 200 people.  People are grieving, hungry, thirsty, and in desperate need of support.

I don’t know about you, but, I like choices on how to donate.  Please take the time to donate ( if you can ) to help these folks in need.

If not Alabama.  Donate in Arkansas, Tennessee,  North Carolina.or anywhere in the path of this devastation  Pick someone, somewhere, a family in need.

Pray- Yes

Thoughts- Yes

Donations- Yes

My buddy, Pastor Gene is an energetic fellow.  Very passionate regarding the homeless and quite an activist .  Currently he is waging a war against a city ordinance in St. Petersburg, Florida that places extreme limits on the  effectiveness of his homeless ministry.  Here are the details,  Pastor Gene’s Rawkin’ blog 

In an attempt of solidarity with those in need and Gene’s ministry, I volunteered to fast for one day, the day before Easter to show my support.  I thought,  ” How hard could it be ?”

Well, I found out.  It’s hard.  It was painful.  It really messed with my head.  So much so, I was not able to make it till dark.  I know it would not have killed me to go a day without eating but, I did not.  I was selfish and I did not complete the task.

But it reminds me of how I fail in so many ways under easier circumstances.  How I turn my head from the poor.  How I’m too busy to help.  In fact, I’m really not that busy.  Please take the time to think in the most simple terms the pain that hungry people suffer.  Try to think in real terms of pain and want.  Just a couple missed meals educated me.

To God , forgive me.

To Gene, I’m sorry.

I am not an Outlaw but, I play one on Twitter!

The O is for Outlaw.  There are no badges that I know of.  Nor cool hats.

But it stands for a growing number of both young and old persons tired of Christianity as we have grown to know.

They do the unthinkable.  They ask questions.  They search for answers.  And they do God’s work the best way they know how.

From feeding the poor to standing up for the downtrodden, these people walk the walk.  Not the way I would, not the way most people I know would.

But…. I’m learning…..

And praise God for that!  Praise his Holy Name to be interested again!  Thank you Father for blessing me with the Holy Spirit to have you on my thoughts even when I do not go to that building most call a church.

For the church is in me.  What I believe and what we believe.  And the beauty of OP is, We all can BELIEVE!  Believe without judgement the way God intended but with community and fraternity.

I love these people even though most don’t even know me.  Because of the new passion for Christ I have found.

Thank you OP’s.  God bless and be strong through the strife.  If you want more info, please check out

And a special thank you to my friend Brandon for introducing me to it all.