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For the people reading this blog for the first time, I have been talking and reading on Twitter for about eight months. And being successful in Twitter communication has very real challenges.

One of the first things I noticed very quickly was that people want to be heard. Being a news and politic junkie of sorts, I have witnessed political tweets  really “pack a punch”  in order to draw in your attention. And not being a college graduate, I had to surf the net the meaning of

Propaganda . 

Now to me, propaganda means things you say to make you look good and the other person, not so much. Propaganda is normally designed to have people agree or disagree with a certain point, cause , or person with not as much thought as you would normally give the subject matter.

Propaganda is not always a bad thing, But is very valuable to have tools to  spot propaganda in order to stop, think, and understand what this person or media  is wanting you to buy into. In other words, it’s a ” do your homework” sign!

So here we go. Seven different types of propaganda.

  • Glittering Generalizations – Vague words with little meaning used in a context of sounding positive. It looks good and  sounds good but has little true meaning in context. Democracy is a good example because it means different things to different people but sounds good to all.
  • Transfer – An emotional and usually visible projecting of images or qualities used either to add credit or discredit. In my state, a gubernatorial candidate giving a speech in front of a coal tipple would be a good example.
  • Name Calling– A tactic used for the purpose of having persons form opinions before looking at facts. An emotional trigger used to sway a person without having them think. 
  • Card Stacking- Giving some facts and leaving out others in order to sway an opinion based only on the facts you give. In my opinion, one of the most commonly used types of propaganda and also more difficult to spot.  Pointing blame at a Mayor for not getting new sidewalks put in without mentioning that city council refused to approve the funding is a telltale sign of “Card Stacking.”
  • Testimonial- Using a famous, respectable, or comfortable type person to influence a persons opinion. Queen Latifah pushing make up or Oprah endorsing a political candidate. Both are great uses of a “testimonial”
  • Plain Folks- The act presenting  someone or an idea being “just like you” or ” just like an regular/ average person” would think in order to build trust or buy in to an idea.
  • Band Wagon- Promoting an idea as correct or the right thing to do or think because others are doing it and you don’t want to miss out.  Jumping on the “Herman Cain train” is jumping on the band wagon. 

So why point this out? Mainly a learning lesson for myself. But also a way for you to identify,  step back , and think before reacting.

Because propaganda is not a bad thing. Not knowing that it is could be!

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