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Mark Driscoll’s Top Ten Manliest Ways to Die.

1.) Any person who makes fun of the feminization of mankind is worthy of honor, but epic is the death of a man who dies while zealously hurling insults at an effeminate European “man.”


2.)Preaching to a bunch of woman so forcefully that your lungs and heart explode simultaneously.  To make this death even more grand, your last word should be a Braveheartian yell of “SUUUBBBMIIIIITTTTT!!!!”

3.)If you happen upon an angry mob of gay men, and you bully them in the name of Jesus.  If this angry mob attacks you and kills you.  THIS.  THIS is an honorable death.

Although … as I think about it … if you’re a real man, you should be able to beat up an angry mob of gay men with a paperback Bible as your weapon.


Scratch that last one.


4.)If you happen upon an angry mob of gay men, you bully them, 100 of them attack them, you beat them all up and then die from exhaustion.  THEN.  THEN, this is an honorable death.

5.) If you die from a heart attack while making love to your wife.  But, you must die on top for this to be considered honorable.

I have to assume this is supposed to be comedic. Gay bashing? Female intimidation?

6.) Speaking of being on top.  We all know that authority is hierarchical and that God ultimately wins because God’s the guy on Top.  He’s the Master not the Servant and so you – being like God — have got to be the Master of your wife.   If you die from constantly footing your wife down, you’ve died in the correct, biblical position and you’ve died a man.

7.) If you were raised by your mother and your father was absentee, obviously you’re going to be all lovey, dovey and have a gay view of God – probably a view similar to Rob Bell’s.  In fact, you might even look like Rob Bell, smell like Rob Bell and not believe in hell like Rob Bell.  At this point, kill yourself … it’s the only way you can become a man.

I must be honest. I don’t understand footing your wife down. I’ll have to look it up. But, joking about suicide?

8.) If you’re killed after a long battle with a robot, you’re a man.

9.) If you die from spontaneous combustion because you were trying to be as manly and as hot as me, “Mark Driscoll”, this is an honorable death for a real man.

10.) If you’re ever put in the position of Jesus — to die a substitutionary death for the sake of the few — you shouldn’t be a limp wristed Jesus and just lay down on the cross.  Fight those bastards!  Make your death glorious, manly, and God-like as you kill the Roman soldiers with every ounce of energy you have left.  Pick up your cross and use it as a weapon!  And die like a real man!

I’m ignoring the “I’m hot” comments and robot jokes. But I am thinking Mark just hinted that Jesus was weak.

I am glad I know better. I am thankful I don’t feel the need to beat my chest to try to hide my insecurities. It brings my heart joy that making jokes about Jesus’s death on the cross does not amuse me. 

Bad news though. I would whip Mark Driscoll’s ass. I would gleefully knock his ass out for the people he hurts and misleads.

I kind of feel sorry for you, Mark. I think you have some insecurity issues and I’ll pray for you when I think about it. But, I wish you would try to come at me with that shit. Just once.

The reason.

That is all.

Obama sued over indefinite detention and torture of Americans act — RT.

US President Barack Obama is the target of a suit filed by Pulitzer Prize-winner Hedges, and the reasoning seems more than obvious to him. The decision to take the commander-in-chief to court comes as a response to President Obama’s December 31 signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a legislation that allows the US military to detain American citizens indefinitely at off-site torture prisons like


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Guantanamo Bay.

Obama amended the NDAA with a signing statement on New Year’s Eve, insisting that while the Act does indeed give him the power to detain his own citizens indefinitely without charge, that doesn’t mean he will do so. Specifically, Obama wrote that his administration “will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens.” Under another piece of legislation, however, the government is being granted the right to suspend citizenship of any American if the Enemy Expatriation Act joins the ranks of the NDAA as an atrocious act approved by the president.

I think we really need to look at history. As this article soon suggests, history shows we are on a bad course. A very bad one.

Of equal concern is the new legislation call the Enemy Expatriation Act or “EEA.” It truly is a knockout punch used in combination with the NDAA. Just imagine what the government will be able to do to you if they are able to strip your citizenship AND lock you away indefinitely. Seen any pictures from Gitmo in the last few years?

Another point of contention well stated in the article,

Under NDAA, the military can enforce indefinite detention on anyone “who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States.” As Hedges and others point out, groups such as “associated forces” are never defined, nor are determinations like “substantially supported.”

Water torture

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I have friends from different cultures. I really don’t know everything that they do or everyone with whom they associate. Does that mean they would just take me somewhere and water board me for a little while till they figure out I’m not a part of “associated forces”? The vagueness of this legislation is equally harmful and concerning.

Please folks. Don’t stop talking. Don’t stop fighting. It’s never been more important.

English Defence League march in Newcastle

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I bring your attention to a recent finding in England. The far right as formed a large group called the English Defence League.

Their  mission statement states they are a human rights organization protecting British citizens against Sharia law, radical Islam, and the watering down of English culture.

Mission Statement

Their numbers appear small according to their website however, they seem to cause quite a stir where ever they protest.

The lesson is simple. Extremists are abound in England. My opinion is that there are both Islamic extremists and far right groups such as EDL. I feel we should pay attention and pray for peace.

In speaking to the Lt, we think it might be more feasible if the soup kitchen is mobile. So instead of persons coming to us, we might be going to them! We have several elderly and low-income communities right in our backyard but, it always helps for the poor and disabled if we can be as close to them as possible. We have also been given a very informal nod from a couple of local charities. They have stated the community could really use the help!

English: Galveston, TX, September 23, 2008 -- ...

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It’s very exciting because these canteens have functional kitchens and generators, or so I’m told. The good news is, I don’t need to be a total expert now. We still have a month to plan.

The Salvation Army has done this for quite some time. I’m sure we can figure it out. But please, say a quick prayer for all those involved in our en devour.  We yearn to serve and hope we can do as well as possible.

And if you have a few bucks for the hungry, we would love your help!

English: Flag of The Salvation Army.

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As you might have noticed, a donations tab has been established. I have done a little research and soup is costly!

Around $40.00 for a large pot. The pots we use should feed around 60 people each. Then, of course, there is fruit, peanut butter, utensils, ect. So as you can see, this is a big endeavor! Hence, the request.

English: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, m...

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Calls and e mails have been put out to let other charities in the area know we plan on starting up. We haven’t heard much back yet. Truthfully, they are busy feeding people!

So there is a lot to do in a little over a month. Communication, funds, fliers, cleaning, and prayer.

Please pray for us that we will serve well and fill the need presented in our community. Please help us spread the word to others!  We need your help!

I’ll fight!

The Holy Spirit has led me to assist in providing a service to the community around our church. I have been called to lead work  in a small soup kitchen in Saint Albans, WV.

We do already have a meal center in this town. Christ’s Kitchen has done an awesome job for decades feeding the needy in the St Albans area. But there are two open days. Friday and Sunday.

So Sunday it is! At least, for now. As for the menu, we feel it should be simple. Soup, sandwich, and fruit. Again, at least for now.

Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food ...

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We may have all kinds of problems ahead. Fundraising, kitchen repair, organization, angry neighbors, parking.

But one thing I think we will have. Sadly, high attendance. So many hungry.

So please pray for our small church. Suggestions are more than welcome. Pray for our community. Pray for yours! Mostly, just pray!

And if you or someone you know needs prayer, please let me know. You are loved.

Aid to Israel

Now I would think people would assume the blogger from the link above is an Anti-Semite.  I say not.

However, I’m a softy. So I will admit, when the war ended and state of Israel created, I could understand giving them some aid.  We were a large part of why the new state came to exist.

But that’s what happen when we bend the constitution. If memory serves me, they were granted statehood in 1948 but, in 2012, we are giving Israel 3 billion dollars a year. ( approx )

So the question is why. Why give a fully industrialized country money it really doesn’t need? US government documents say this.

We consider this 30 billion dollars in assistance to Israel to be an investment in peace –
in long-term peace. Peace will not be made without strength. Peace will not be made
without Israel being strong in the future. Of course, our objective as a country and our
specific objective as a government is to contribute to that peace, a peace between Israel
and the Palestinian people, the creation of an independent Palestinian state willing to live
side by side in peace with Israel, and a general peace in the region that has eluded the
Israeli people for 59 years but which is, we hope, the destiny of the Israeli people as well
as the Arab peoples of the region. Our policy in this entire region is dedicated to that final
objective. – CRS report for congress. Foreign aid to Israel. 2008″

Also, approximately 550 million dollars is paid per year in foreign aid  to Palestine. It’s purpose as reported by the US Government.

Funds are
allocated in this program for projects in sectors such as humanitarian assistance, economic
development, democratic reform, improving water access and other infrastructure, health care,
education, and vocational training. – CRS report for congress. Foreign aid to the Palestinians 2011″

So is all this money going to fix the problem? I would say no. Are we any safer for doing this? Again, I say no. Could we use this money instead for our needs? Likely, yes.  But, would it be spent well or constitutionally,


Our government was not set up to do this for a reason. It doesn’t work.

The logic is as sound today has it ever was. In closing, God bless Israel and the Palestinian people.

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Source 2

I was in church listening to the sermon a the topic was power in the name of Jesus. Now in truth, I think I normally think of the topic as a prideful cliché. Almost like something I would hear on a bad movie. Such as, “I expel you, you satan in the name of Jezzzus”!

The comedy and secularism in our society has really made a mockery of the faith and the power of my Saviors name. And he has many. For this post I will just focus on Jesus.

I would say though that it is partly my fault. I had to stop and think, ” When was the last time I mentioned to anyone the name of Jesus and the power of faith in his name”?

As an example, in Acts 3, the text speaks of Peter and John healing the crippled beggar in the name of Jesus Christ.

When jailed and brought to the high priest and authorities, Peter and John again proclaimed, ” In the name of Jesus Christ”!, when asked by what power or name did you provide this healing.

Now I know  there are many more examples and there is a little more detail to the story. I would urge you to read for yourself because I am no Pastor or theologian.  But I say to you and myself, say his name!


This young man made a bad judgement call. I have watched this several times and I really cannot figure out what he thought was going to happen to him. Some of our citizenry must really believe it is a good idea to try to protest in a foreign country.

If he was looking for attention, I think he got it. Folks, this might be just one case where you really might want to try this at home!

We wonder why we have some many in the world against us.