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My buddy, Pastor Gene is an energetic fellow.  Very passionate regarding the homeless and quite an activist .  Currently he is waging a war against a city ordinance in St. Petersburg, Florida that places extreme limits on the  effectiveness of his homeless ministry.  Here are the details,  Pastor Gene’s Rawkin’ blog 

In an attempt of solidarity with those in need and Gene’s ministry, I volunteered to fast for one day, the day before Easter to show my support.  I thought,  ” How hard could it be ?”

Well, I found out.  It’s hard.  It was painful.  It really messed with my head.  So much so, I was not able to make it till dark.  I know it would not have killed me to go a day without eating but, I did not.  I was selfish and I did not complete the task.

But it reminds me of how I fail in so many ways under easier circumstances.  How I turn my head from the poor.  How I’m too busy to help.  In fact, I’m really not that busy.  Please take the time to think in the most simple terms the pain that hungry people suffer.  Try to think in real terms of pain and want.  Just a couple missed meals educated me.

To God , forgive me.

To Gene, I’m sorry.