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Mark Driscoll’s Top Ten Manliest Ways to Die.

1.) Any person who makes fun of the feminization of mankind is worthy of honor, but epic is the death of a man who dies while zealously hurling insults at an effeminate European “man.”


2.)Preaching to a bunch of woman so forcefully that your lungs and heart explode simultaneously.  To make this death even more grand, your last word should be a Braveheartian yell of “SUUUBBBMIIIIITTTTT!!!!”

3.)If you happen upon an angry mob of gay men, and you bully them in the name of Jesus.  If this angry mob attacks you and kills you.  THIS.  THIS is an honorable death.

Although … as I think about it … if you’re a real man, you should be able to beat up an angry mob of gay men with a paperback Bible as your weapon.


Scratch that last one.


4.)If you happen upon an angry mob of gay men, you bully them, 100 of them attack them, you beat them all up and then die from exhaustion.  THEN.  THEN, this is an honorable death.

5.) If you die from a heart attack while making love to your wife.  But, you must die on top for this to be considered honorable.

I have to assume this is supposed to be comedic. Gay bashing? Female intimidation?

6.) Speaking of being on top.  We all know that authority is hierarchical and that God ultimately wins because God’s the guy on Top.  He’s the Master not the Servant and so you – being like God — have got to be the Master of your wife.   If you die from constantly footing your wife down, you’ve died in the correct, biblical position and you’ve died a man.

7.) If you were raised by your mother and your father was absentee, obviously you’re going to be all lovey, dovey and have a gay view of God – probably a view similar to Rob Bell’s.  In fact, you might even look like Rob Bell, smell like Rob Bell and not believe in hell like Rob Bell.  At this point, kill yourself … it’s the only way you can become a man.

I must be honest. I don’t understand footing your wife down. I’ll have to look it up. But, joking about suicide?

8.) If you’re killed after a long battle with a robot, you’re a man.

9.) If you die from spontaneous combustion because you were trying to be as manly and as hot as me, “Mark Driscoll”, this is an honorable death for a real man.

10.) If you’re ever put in the position of Jesus — to die a substitutionary death for the sake of the few — you shouldn’t be a limp wristed Jesus and just lay down on the cross.  Fight those bastards!  Make your death glorious, manly, and God-like as you kill the Roman soldiers with every ounce of energy you have left.  Pick up your cross and use it as a weapon!  And die like a real man!

I’m ignoring the “I’m hot” comments and robot jokes. But I am thinking Mark just hinted that Jesus was weak.

I am glad I know better. I am thankful I don’t feel the need to beat my chest to try to hide my insecurities. It brings my heart joy that making jokes about Jesus’s death on the cross does not amuse me. 

Bad news though. I would whip Mark Driscoll’s ass. I would gleefully knock his ass out for the people he hurts and misleads.

I kind of feel sorry for you, Mark. I think you have some insecurity issues and I’ll pray for you when I think about it. But, I wish you would try to come at me with that shit. Just once.

Rick Santorum in the Hot Seat Again for Gay Marriage Stance – ABC News.

I do not like Rick Santorum. Not one bit. 

I want to give some thoughts  regarding Mr. Santorum’s disgusting comments about homosexuals and same-sex marriage. Men like him are the reason so many walk away from the church buildings. People do not enjoy fellowship.

People believe they are not loved. Not good enough. Or not worthy.

Sometimes, not even worthy to live.

Frankly, he makes me ill. But onward.

“Speaking to The Associated Press in a 2003 interview, Santorum said he doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality itself, but with homosexual acts. Cue the confusion.

“If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything.”

We all as Americans have the right to pursue and to have happiness. Period. And what is this reference to consensual sex and incest? How does A=B here? Keep talking, Rick. Cause I think there is something you have not considered. Even if homosexuals are only 10% of the population, you forgot about all the 10 other family members that would not just dump off their children for having an alternative sexual preference. A good percentage of families have no divide and others have a rift and come back together. In other words, We stick up for our gay  kids. We love our queer friends.

We love.

More recently,

“So anyone can marry anybody else? So if that’s the case, then everyone can marry several people … so you can be married to five people. Is that O.K.”?

Maybe when someone like you says its ok, Rick. I mean, anyone in your family been re married for any other cause than adultery? I bet I could dig! Funny how we, as Christians, love to pick and choose. And regarding polygamy, it was at one time well documented and accepted. Pssssttt… Even in our books.

We love committed  and caring relationships. We love equality.

We love.


“Religious liberty is now trumped because … the courts have created a ‘super’ right that’s above a right that’s actually in the Constitution, and that’s of sexual liberty. And I think that’s a wrong, that’s a destructive element.”

I’m sorry, Rick. Did a group of arm linked homosexuals deny you access to church? Are the basic rights of  freedom and equality not constitutional?

I know the answer , Rick . They are. I know you think your moral code trumps the constitution. But, I don’t.

By the way, your wife’s hair’s a little short and she doesn’t look to be wearing a veil.

Op Ed

1 Cor opinion on hair and veils

Bad, Homophobic Sweaters: On Demonizing the Salvation Army « In Our Words.

I am a Salvation Army adherent. I believe I am called to serve the poor, hungry, abused, and marginalized. That is why I came to worship and that is why I stay.

I also believe the mainstream Christian churches views on same-sex relationships are outdated and do not follow the most basic Christian rule.

That being love.

I refuse to believe my God does not look in favor at loving, monogamous relationships regardless of sexual orientation.

There is too much pain in this world. Too many homeless, hungry, addicted, enslaved, and lost.  Please know I will do my best to serve you.

How you are. Who you are.

With love and grace in Christ.