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Sanctions are rattling Iranian economy

On Wednesday, the Iranian rial rose about 25% against the U.S. dollar. Recent sanctions and continuing sanctions plus bad choices by the Iranian government have allowed this historic financial instability in Iran.

Although the central bank has taken and proposed measures to prop up the currency and stabilize markets. They are likely short-term fixes.

Iranian officials deny sanctions are having the above stated effect

My wonder is how the ordinary citizens in Iran are coping with this uncertainty.

Iranian official speaks regarding sanctions.

‘America preparing military intervention in Syria’ — RT.

Russia Today reports the US may be in danger of repeating history by sending envoys, advisers, and trainers to aid in defeating the Syrian governments crackdown on its citizens.

Although not widely reported by the corporate news, several internet sources are reporting Damascus’s discontent on the United States sending an envoy to the Arab League.

What type of role is probable for the US to play? How much does the US government feel it can commit? The current chaos reported in Libya should be telling on the difficulties of yet, another intervention.


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However, when you see this short video.


You will see the clowns on parade.

Now write this one down and play it back next time you feel high and mighty.

Won’t be standing so tall now, Mr. or Ms. Progressive, will you?