Aid to Israel

Now I would think people would assume the blogger from the link above is an Anti-Semite.  I say not.

However, I’m a softy. So I will admit, when the war ended and state of Israel created, I could understand giving them some aid.  We were a large part of why the new state came to exist.

But that’s what happen when we bend the constitution. If memory serves me, they were granted statehood in 1948 but, in 2012, we are giving Israel 3 billion dollars a year. ( approx )

So the question is why. Why give a fully industrialized country money it really doesn’t need? US government documents say this.

We consider this 30 billion dollars in assistance to Israel to be an investment in peace –
in long-term peace. Peace will not be made without strength. Peace will not be made
without Israel being strong in the future. Of course, our objective as a country and our
specific objective as a government is to contribute to that peace, a peace between Israel
and the Palestinian people, the creation of an independent Palestinian state willing to live
side by side in peace with Israel, and a general peace in the region that has eluded the
Israeli people for 59 years but which is, we hope, the destiny of the Israeli people as well
as the Arab peoples of the region. Our policy in this entire region is dedicated to that final
objective. – CRS report for congress. Foreign aid to Israel. 2008″

Also, approximately 550 million dollars is paid per year in foreign aid  to Palestine. It’s purpose as reported by the US Government.

Funds are
allocated in this program for projects in sectors such as humanitarian assistance, economic
development, democratic reform, improving water access and other infrastructure, health care,
education, and vocational training. – CRS report for congress. Foreign aid to the Palestinians 2011″

So is all this money going to fix the problem? I would say no. Are we any safer for doing this? Again, I say no. Could we use this money instead for our needs? Likely, yes.  But, would it be spent well or constitutionally,


Our government was not set up to do this for a reason. It doesn’t work.

The logic is as sound today has it ever was. In closing, God bless Israel and the Palestinian people.

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I was in church listening to the sermon a the topic was power in the name of Jesus. Now in truth, I think I normally think of the topic as a prideful cliché. Almost like something I would hear on a bad movie. Such as, “I expel you, you satan in the name of Jezzzus”!

The comedy and secularism in our society has really made a mockery of the faith and the power of my Saviors name. And he has many. For this post I will just focus on Jesus.

I would say though that it is partly my fault. I had to stop and think, ” When was the last time I mentioned to anyone the name of Jesus and the power of faith in his name”?

As an example, in Acts 3, the text speaks of Peter and John healing the crippled beggar in the name of Jesus Christ.

When jailed and brought to the high priest and authorities, Peter and John again proclaimed, ” In the name of Jesus Christ”!, when asked by what power or name did you provide this healing.

Now I know  there are many more examples and there is a little more detail to the story. I would urge you to read for yourself because I am no Pastor or theologian.  But I say to you and myself, say his name!


This young man made a bad judgement call. I have watched this several times and I really cannot figure out what he thought was going to happen to him. Some of our citizenry must really believe it is a good idea to try to protest in a foreign country.

If he was looking for attention, I think he got it. Folks, this might be just one case where you really might want to try this at home!

We wonder why we have some many in the world against us.

Rick Santorum in the Hot Seat Again for Gay Marriage Stance – ABC News.

I do not like Rick Santorum. Not one bit. 

I want to give some thoughts  regarding Mr. Santorum’s disgusting comments about homosexuals and same-sex marriage. Men like him are the reason so many walk away from the church buildings. People do not enjoy fellowship.

People believe they are not loved. Not good enough. Or not worthy.

Sometimes, not even worthy to live.

Frankly, he makes me ill. But onward.

“Speaking to The Associated Press in a 2003 interview, Santorum said he doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality itself, but with homosexual acts. Cue the confusion.

“If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything.”

We all as Americans have the right to pursue and to have happiness. Period. And what is this reference to consensual sex and incest? How does A=B here? Keep talking, Rick. Cause I think there is something you have not considered. Even if homosexuals are only 10% of the population, you forgot about all the 10 other family members that would not just dump off their children for having an alternative sexual preference. A good percentage of families have no divide and others have a rift and come back together. In other words, We stick up for our gay  kids. We love our queer friends.

We love.

More recently,

“So anyone can marry anybody else? So if that’s the case, then everyone can marry several people … so you can be married to five people. Is that O.K.”?

Maybe when someone like you says its ok, Rick. I mean, anyone in your family been re married for any other cause than adultery? I bet I could dig! Funny how we, as Christians, love to pick and choose. And regarding polygamy, it was at one time well documented and accepted. Pssssttt… Even in our books.

We love committed  and caring relationships. We love equality.

We love.


“Religious liberty is now trumped because … the courts have created a ‘super’ right that’s above a right that’s actually in the Constitution, and that’s of sexual liberty. And I think that’s a wrong, that’s a destructive element.”

I’m sorry, Rick. Did a group of arm linked homosexuals deny you access to church? Are the basic rights of  freedom and equality not constitutional?

I know the answer , Rick . They are. I know you think your moral code trumps the constitution. But, I don’t.

By the way, your wife’s hair’s a little short and she doesn’t look to be wearing a veil.

Op Ed

1 Cor opinion on hair and veils

Ultra-Orthodox, Israel Police clash in Beit Shemesh; officer wounded – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

In some Jewish cities, local residents appear to believe it is ok to segregate and abuse  women. Inclusive of children. Reports say in the city of Beit Shemesh police and news crews have been injured by hundreds of the ultra- Orthodox holding protests and rioting.

Girls schools have also been the focus of picketing, protests, and attacks.

My understanding is the children are accused of immodest dress.

More to come.

Sanctions are rattling Iranian economy

On Wednesday, the Iranian rial rose about 25% against the U.S. dollar. Recent sanctions and continuing sanctions plus bad choices by the Iranian government have allowed this historic financial instability in Iran.

Although the central bank has taken and proposed measures to prop up the currency and stabilize markets. They are likely short-term fixes.

Iranian officials deny sanctions are having the above stated effect

My wonder is how the ordinary citizens in Iran are coping with this uncertainty.

Iranian official speaks regarding sanctions.

Bad, Homophobic Sweaters: On Demonizing the Salvation Army « In Our Words.

I am a Salvation Army adherent. I believe I am called to serve the poor, hungry, abused, and marginalized. That is why I came to worship and that is why I stay.

I also believe the mainstream Christian churches views on same-sex relationships are outdated and do not follow the most basic Christian rule.

That being love.

I refuse to believe my God does not look in favor at loving, monogamous relationships regardless of sexual orientation.

There is too much pain in this world. Too many homeless, hungry, addicted, enslaved, and lost.  Please know I will do my best to serve you.

How you are. Who you are.

With love and grace in Christ.