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I think we all like to feel somehow as righteous. I think we, as humans, like to feel we win.  Christians, we  push people away with politics.

My opinion of the real reason is that there is no right answer. None.

Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism it’s just the opposite.- John Kenneth Galbraith

The politics of man are so polluted with envy, despair, pride, anger, and negative emotion. Our smug feeling of

  •  I’m right, you are wrong.
  • You must not be a Christian if you are a ___________ .
  • You must not understand scripture if you think ___________.
  • You must be stupid or evil if you think _____________ .

These feelings and statements do NOT bring persons to Christ.

They are not Christ like.  Your politics are not Christ’s teachings.

Because, they are not true. There is always grey in your black and white. They are of man. Not of God. And why do you think I say this?

Because they cause strife and separation within the children of God.

The souls we miss and the lives not touched by Christ through our pride. We will answer. I will answer.

Can we answer for less? Do the lost deserve more? Do we?


  1. journowvu says:

    I think experience, more so than politics often clouds our faith. I do think there are those extremes we all run into, many people daily, whose line of politics and religion are so blurred that’s it’s more of a mud puddle than a line really.

    Let’s say you were judged a lot by your parents as a kid, then often times that feeling of inadequacy will be placed on God. You will view him as you viewed your parents, and feel as unloved as you did as a child. I think our life experiences mold our view of God, and the world around us.

    • I think they both push people away . I say this because Christians push me away, even as a Christian. It doesn’t make me not love Christ but, I do find myself communicating emotion Jesus would frown on. But also, I am sure I push others away, as well. Because I want to win. Because I wan to be right.

  2. gubeltrut says:

    There is always grey in your black and white. Gosh that’s so true. Liberals and conservatives alike get so caught up in the issues and the politics, that instead of overfilling our cup with love and unity, our anger and hate brings division. Good word, friend.

  3. TG says:

    As a result of self-righteous and often indignant Christians, I’d much rather avoid the “gospel/fundie” style message and love as much as possible the way Jesus did. Remove the politics, remove the drama, the selfish ambition…and all that remains is ardent affection….and that’s all that really matters… People just need to know that they’re loved for exactly who they are.

    • I think the fundie/ right and emergent/ left are just yuck. I wish we , as persons, were not so wrapped up in our politics.

      I ask no forgivness for what I believe to be true. I do, however, ask it for any time my politics turned someone away from the more important message of Christ and love.

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