Prayer as sin.

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Prayer
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Anyone like this old song. “Like A Prayer” by Madonna   Catchy little number?  I think it’s more about boobs than God.  With so many things we do, I do not think our Lord was pleased.

Papa really , really did need to preach a lil more!  Ha~ Could not help it.

Another one I found in the back of the grey matter. “Pray” MC Hammer  Much better and Yes, I did like that on back in the day.  Well, actually, I still do!

But what happens when we ask someone to pray or when we offer prayer.  In truth, I say quite a few of us shame God.  Dilute prayer to something petty, un respected, weak even.  Lastly, displeasing and disrespectful to God.

Now before you pass me off as the holier than thou type, please know I am guilty of it myself. And since I at least think I write about things identifiable to me, here we are.

So here’s the rub.  My opinion is twofold.

  1. We sometimes offer prayer as a cop out.  Because it is easier and takes no money out of the wallet.  It makes us feel good and we can be relatively certain that no one will call us on it.  I mean , few will question the sincerity of the person offering prayer and very few would want to question the power of God once prayed upon.
  2. We rarely pray for all those requesting or in need anyway.  I don’t carry a notebook and I can’t tell you how many times I have asked about I phone aps for prayer lists.  ( OK , well, I think it was 3 times.  I got no responses. )  Does anyone really remember all that stuff?  Am I the only bad person here?  I pray not ( just joshing you )

So I think we are doing God a huge disservice.  By offering a prayer as a shield to keep your hands clean or wallet fat is an offence to God and the needy.  People need help.  Arms and legs.  Shoulders to cry on.  Food for their kids.

Not lazy prayers for God to fix things we can handle.  We pray for illness to leave but, do we check in on them.  Ask how they are doing?  Visit?  Did you even remember to pray?

My final point is this.  Get dirty.  Get honest.  Get Godly.  And when it comes to prayer, Get in or shut up.

And again, the shame is mine as well.  Pray for me?


  1. octavia137 says:

    LOL absolutely LOVE your Blog!! God bless

  2. I never tell someone I’ll pray for them because, quite honestly, I probably won’t.

    I’ll forget because something more important probably came up, like a grocery list, a call from a friend, taking out the trash, or just life in general.

    In the off chance that I do remember a person’s cry for help, I probably still won’t pray for them; I’ll see what I can physically do to help them.

    After all, most often, we are the answer to others – and our own – prayers.

  3. octavia137 says:

    I love your honest opinion on Prayer. You hit it right on the nail. Most people truly do not pray for others or do use it as an easy way out instead of helping someone in need. I myself ran a prayer group for 3 years with over 1500 members and I brought prayers into that group daily. I would pray over every prayer request that came in by writing it out and sending it personal back to those who requested prayers. I taught about prayer and the foundation of a Christian Life style. I love your outspoken view on the matter, for it is not sugar coated but straight the point! God bless

  4. Ivy says:

    You’re so so right! I made a vow not too long ago to replace “I’ll pray for you” with “let’s pray about it right now” in my day to day runs with people. I think prayer has become so stand offish today. I think there is power in taking a moment to pray with someone, and it shows you really believe.

    As far as washed down prayers, I agree with you there too. I think too many of pray without really believing God can/will do whatever it is we are praying about. It’s almost like we are “pretty please-ing” God instead of truly standing on faith and on the promises God makes to us in his word and how truly strong his grace is.

    Great post! I know it opened some eyes!

    In case you’re interested, here is the post I wrote about changing my prayer language: No worries if you’re not interested.

    God bless you brother!

    • I love the idea. I know the Bible says to do things in private but, I believe it was for the reason of being boastful and trying to get attention for yourself. Therefore, taking the glory away from God. I LOVE your blog.

  5. Khad Young says:

    I also attempt to do what Ivy describes. Pray right away rather than at some undefined Radom time that may never come. There is grace for prayer forgetfulness too, though. No need to beat yourself up over it.

    Also, prayer and help is not a binary proposition. If it is easier to simply help the person than make an empty promise to pray, why not pray while you help? You can even whistle that “Whistle While You Work” tune from Snow White if doing three things at once is not too difficult for you. 🙂

    Also: Simplenote. It’ll change your game. (It’s not just for prayers.) 😉

    Grace and peace to you. I just prayed for you. 😛


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