Love Wins. Really? Are you sure?

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Many that know me have noticed I have been on a tirade for the last couple days.  I suffer from quite a bit of disappointment when I see the masses giggle with glee over this whole rapture idea.  So I have a few things to say.

  1. Ok so first, Did you really think you were that freaking funny?  Who do you know that even came up with their own joke?
  2. Well, do you feel better now granted your big accomplishment on figuring out the rapture was not today? I mean , even for those that study the Bible, was it that much of a scriptural challenge?
  3. Did you at least pray for those poor souls that have lost everything?  That likely includes hope in God, salvation, life savings, relationships with relatives.  The list really goes on and on.
  4. And finally, for Rob Bell fans, did you not just finish that book?  Truthfully, I didn’t but, I’m not a fan.  How much love was given to these poor souls.  Our Christian brethren, by the way.

So you can tell me how they couldn’t hear your jokes.  You can hope what you thought and said didn’t hurt them.  You can excuse yourself for whatever bad experience you had that made you mad at those over zealous  horn blowers.  But think!  that could have been part of your journey.  Or maybe it was at some point.  And in that case, shame on you, you should know better.

Now, drink up!  Cheers!  Back to your party.  But on a closing note.  That whole silly hell thing.  What if your wrong?  Who’s going to be smug then?

  1. rev3j says:

    well that assumes that not believing in hell is a reason for being sent there, which is not true. It also seems as though your post assumes that it was only the love wins fans that thought the rapture predictors were nuts. And lastly it appears that you lose the importance of decrying a philosophy that takes peoples attention off of the notion that we must pray for, and live out God’s kingdom come, right here and now, on earth, as it is in heaven. So sure there was sinful smugness, but there was also creative engagement with a destructive theology, that victimizes not only those that fall for it in the short term but also those that fall for it as a eschatology as well. I am sure that I was a little bit of both, because I am a jackass, but if I knew one of those people, you can bet I would be the first to share my home, and food with them.


    • You can decry a philosophy without the humiliation of the persons you are trying to help. And yes, I do expect more from the Rob Bell fans. I single them out because they are a large part of my audience.

      The point was we were not funny. It was not helpful in its delivery. I saw very, very little creative engagement. I guess that really doesn’t mean it didn’t happen but…

      I thank you so much for reading and commenting. I think the fact you would have assisted one of these folks is great. As far as hell goes. Pastor Nar said it best, ” Jeff is holding out for hell ” I could be wrong so I don’t talk about it much : )

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